Monday, January 12, 2015

Wow! What a wonderful week!

Another week on my mission here in Honduras has flown by!  It truly amazes me and my companion how fast the weeks are going by.  We reach Friday and are always surprised the end of the week is already here.
But Saturday was a very special day with two marriages and several very special baptisms.  Can I say that we are both on cloud nine seeing the progress of these families we have come to love.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings it brings into our lives are immeasurable.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to have met and helped these good people in their search for their Savior, Jesus Christ. May our Heavenly Father always guide them and bless them.

Our week has been full, so just a few other random pictures .....

Till next week.  Thought for the week  .......
"For prayer to work in our lives, the rules are simple.  We must ask to know what is true by praying to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.  We must ask with a sincere heart, which means we must have an honest intent to do whatever God's answer requires of us.  And our real intent must spring from our faith in Jesus Christ."  (President Henry B. Eyring)



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