Monday, February 2, 2015

This Week was Great!

This week was great!  As all missionaries say, and I agree "I really don't want to have changes." Even though we have to seriously start searching for more people to teach, we have a ton of work to do here, so I don't want to leave.  I love this area.  It has been my favorite.  I will remember this place forever and how incredible it is here.  I have met some incredible people here. I have had a great companion who I appreciate so much.  I have loved seeing the progress of the people I was privileged to be with here and see baptized.  It has been so awesome.  You can see the difference - literally - after they receive the Spirit.  The way they talk and understand and are guided in their lives.  How they are comforted and taught by the Spirit.  It is amazing and I have grown in my appreciation for this great gift that I received so long ago.
So K got baptized!! I don't have pictures to share yet but next week I will send them through.  K was so nervous that she had to be baptized three times so that she was completely immersed.  It was kind of funny, but she is so happy and doing well.
So, we as missionaries are starting to teach a Preach My Gospel class here as well.  It is so cool.  It's a fun class to teach.  Right now we are teaching future missionaries, so I am getting a taste of what you do Mom. You learn so much by teaching. I love it.
Things are awesome and E is doing well. 
We just received a call from a member who needs an urgent blessing so I have got to run.  Sorry family.  I will write more next week.  I won't have enough time to get back on, but will finish my letter next week. Again, we are just working hard and had a wonderful baptism.
Remember to read your scriptures and pray!

We use lots of mosquito spray here!

 I met my mom and dad's special sister missionary friend that served in the states.
Look mom and dad who came to my ward to help interpret for Smiles for Central America!
 Our home!
 We walk and walk!
 The kids here are so fun!

 Another great family. 

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