Monday, February 16, 2015

And the days and weeks in Honduras are flying by!

Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!

Wow, as usual this week has flown by.  We are doing great.  We are continuing to work with several families and are finding new people to work with every day.  As is a common challenge here in Honduras, we are working to get people married.  It is very expensive, and legal papers have to be obtained.  But, with faith, we can do this!
We had a great experience this week.  We were visiting with one of our families, and they had a guest at their home that we had not met before.  As we were visiting with her, she told us that she had previously had a boss that had been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He had simply explained to her of his beliefs and of the teaching of the Church.  She could see by his every-day actions that he lived by his beliefs.  We were able to challenge her to pray about our message to know of it truthfulness.  She answered us by saying "I already know it is true."  This she felt from the example of her boss and the way he lived his life following the Savior.
We all have the opportunity to be like this boss - to be an example of the Savior in our lives everyday.

"If the Lord can do GREAT THINGS with a single loaf, imagine what he can do with a single life".
                                                                                                     (From The Peter Potential)

The other night after a lesson, we were walking up the mountain to visit the last family of the night.  It had been a good day - nothing extreme, but we had worked hard all day.  I remember reaching the top of the hill and it was such a clear night.  I looked up at the stars.  I have always loved to watch the stars.  I was honestly just amazed at how beautiful it was. Clear and beautiful.  I had the biggest feeling of awe.  Of amazement honestly.  Of comfort.  Of assurety that God exists and that he cares for and loves each one of us.
Also, have you ever thought about what Christ was thinking when he was on this earth among his creations?  He was breathing the air He had created, hearing the birds chirping that He had created, helping and healing the very beings He had created.  Pretty amazing to think about.
As missionaries we think about and discuss some pretty amazing things!
Another great day in Honduras!

Great Missionaries and Friends!

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