Thursday, March 5, 2015

Starting to Get Super Hot Again!

Yes, Mom.  I need some new pants, a new white shirt, and some more socks! My pants have holes where my bag rubs against the back of my pants.  I have patched them about three times!  Surprisingly, no holes in the bottom of my shoes, but the toes of my shoes  are disappearing.  My other pair is good.
Lots of good things are happening here in the mission.  We will have a visit from two General Authorities in March.  These meetings are always great. One of the visits will be in a joint conference with the West and East missions.  
E and her family are doing really well.  Her little girl has been sick this week, but we were able to give her a blessing and she is getting much better.  We have been able to share the video "The Restoration" with their family.  Her husband was touched by its message and what this means.  We enjoy meeting with and teaching this family. And tonight we have Family Home Evening with the O family. They are a great family.
We are working with several other families and individuals that are very interested in learning of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  One of our young investigators was very excited to learn that through repentance and The Atonement of Jesus Christ, she can be forgiven of past transgressions. We could only smile to see how excited she was to learn of this hope of a new beginning.
For P-Day this week, we played kickball and ultimate frisbee.  It was super fun, but it is getting so hot again.  This week, we also had two returned missionaries visit that had served in this mission, and had come back to visit families and enjoy the area. It looked so fun, and I think they even went to Tela to go swimming. How fun is that!
So, all is well in Honduras. Except it is getting HOT! Have I already said that?!

God Knows what you need.
He wants you to pray about
what you need, and He wants you 
to work for it.  But mostly
He wants you to believe
(Elder Jeffry R. Holland)


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